Wood Fuel

Today’s new wood burning appliances require dry wood to operate properly.  Imperfect wood fuel is the number one issue for our customers (not enough heat, dirty glass, too much smoke, blower not coming on, chimney getting dirty too quickly….)

Wood Fuel Information and Tips

1.     It’s almost impossible to purchase dry wood that has been piled  (wood in the middle of the pile does not dry)

2.     The best place to store wood is in a stack outside, covered on top, and in a place where wind and sunshine can reach both ends. Do not stack too close or against your home.

3.     The length of time wood should be split & stacked outside, in your yard is 2 years.

4.     The ideal moisture content in the middle of the wood should be 18% or less.

5.     A mix of hardwood is best for clean burning.

6.     Ideal firewood size should be ~3” smaller than the firebox max size (typically 14” – 16”) and 3” – 6” in width. Anything wider is rarely dry in the center.

7.     Designate a space indoors for your immediate burn pile. Allowing the wood to acclimate to the temperature of the home will set you up for burning success! This can be a log storage rack or decorative built-in storage.

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