Fireplaces, Service & Installation

Complete dedication to fit, finish, and customer satisfaction.


Update or Add a new Gas or Wood Fireplace to your space.


Diagnostic checks, Chimney Sweeps, or Cleaning Packages for Chantico Installations.


Connecting you with local Trades and Services for a complete finished look.

According to Aztec Mythology, CHANTICO, “she who dwells amongst the embers”, is the Goddess of Fires, Lady of the Family Hearth and Queen of Volcanoes.

Chantico Fireplaces

A family owned and operated company that was started in 2005. Throughout the years, Chantico has made a name for themselves as the go-to fireplace company, with reliable installations and commitment to servicing our client base.

We have grown and now have three locations in the Blue Mountains, Meaford and Kincardine areas.


Replacement Parts & Accessories

New Arrivals

Latest News

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