Ambiance Outlander® 19

  • Freestanding Stove
  • Up to 75 000 BTUs 
  • Up to 10 hours burn time
  • 16 12″ W x 9 14″ H Glass Opening

The Ambiance Outlander® 19 EPA Woodstove is built to last! Boasting heavy plate steel combined to a firebrick lined firebox, the performance is intense! Certified for both the USA and Canada to the strictest standards as set by the EPA and CSA, the Outlander®19 will provide years of satisfaction and warmth. It comes with the choice of a leg kit or a pedestal kit. Upgrades include an optional fan and an optional ash pan. The stove is painted metallic black and comes with a cool touch door handle.  The air washed glass radiates heat and produces that Ambiance only a wood fire can provide.

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