Each year, millions of people enjoy the warmth, comfort and ambiance of their hearth products during the heating season. Caution should be taken however, when operating fireplaces and stoves, for the glass panels and other surfaces can become extremely hot due to the high efficiency of the products.

To help protect against inadvertent contact with these hot surfaces we recommend using an optional safety screen available from your dealer. The temperature of a glass panel in particular can increase within a few minutes of ignition of the appliance and can remain hot long after the product is turned off. Touching the fireplace or stove can lead to significant burn injuries.



  • After turning off your gas fireplace or stove, wait for the appliance and glass panel to cool down before allowing anyone to get near it. The glass may remain warm from a lit pilot light. Metal surfaces, such as door frames and grills, may also get very hot.

  • Make sure all visitors are aware of the hot temperatures of the glass panel of a fireplace or stove.

  • Carefully supervise children around the appliance.

  • Discuss fireplace and stove safety with children, and make sure they know they should never touch the glass panel of a fireplace, stove or surround.

  • A physical barrier is recommended if there are children in the house. To restrict access to a fireplace or stove, install an adjustable safety gate to keep young children out of the room and away from the hot surface.

  • Install a switch lock to prevent children from turning on the gas fireplace.

  • Keep the gas fireplace remote control out of reach of children.

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use and maintenance of your hearth appliance.

  • It is the responsibility of the home owner to protect people from touching the HOT appliance by guarding it with a safety screen.


Ask us for information on hearth accessories and safety products for your fireplace or stove.

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